How It Works


Select your meals

Each week, you’ll select three family-style dinners - which each serve up to six people - off a personalized menu curated specifically for you and the needs of your household.


Shop for your groceries, or let your chef shop for you

We'll provide you with a detailed grocery shopping list so that you can pick up the ingredients your chef needs to whip up your meals. Or, utilize our add-on service and have your chef do the shopping.


Personal chef comes to you

Your personal chef will cook in your home each week - leaving you with a fridge stocked full of tasty and nutritious home-cooked meals and a spotlessly clean kitchen.

benefits of EasyFeast


Eat Your Way

No more sad takeout. Enjoy nutritious home-cooked meals that are prepared specifically to your tastes and work for your entire household.


Reduce Stress

Researchers have found that people who spend money to buy themselves time report greater life happiness. So go ahead- take cooking and washing dishes off your to-do list.


Reclaim the Family Meal

One of the best things you can do for your kids? Eat dinner together with them. Reconnect after a long day over a shared family meal.